It had been a year since the sealed casket of Holly's beloved husband Jake had been flown from the war zone to Dover Air Force Base with an honor guard. The American flag and the music didn't lessen the agony of his death for her.


Nobody ever told Holly what had really happened on that classified mission in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.


The painful memory of his death came crashing in on her when Alex, a former special-warfare operator, approached her on a clear autumn day. Alex and his teammate TJ had been wounded on the same raid with Jake.


These tough wounded warriors were determined to find out the facts, but they knew for sure that the SEALS had been betrayed.


By uncovering the treacherous truth about the Helmand mission, this group of patriots and their friends discover an even more sinister plot that will put the country in danger and it leads straight to the White House.



Hand of Fatima' Political Thriller Book Review 5 Stars
"I really enjoyed reading this book. It was kind of scary knowing what the world leaders are doing and are capable of doing. this writer reminded me of David Baldacci. I can't put his books down either."
Hand of Fatima' Political Thriller Book Review 5 Stars
"Very action packed and thrilling. I can see this happening today, and it totally frightens me! I watch the politicians, and seeing that they live in a totally different bubble than the rest of this country."
Hand of Fatima' Political Thriller Book Review 5 Stars
"This book grabs you from the very first page and makes itself hard to put down. I was impressed with the chapter lengths and how the story flowed along. Very hard to put down once I started reading. Bring on next installment."

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